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Bulk SMS

SMS is one of the best and most secure ways to send short information. SMS can be received by all mobiles without having to install special programs, apps or anything else at the recipient.

About Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

With SMS, you are sure that you hit the correct recipient because you send to the phone number. It also means that it's a good way to verify a person.

TDC Wholesale's bulk mailing product is called SMS Gateway.

You get a lot of options:
With SMS Gateway you can send SMS to all mobiles in Denmark and abroad
Broadcasting is via TDC's own SMS-Center, so we guarantee the highest level of reliability
There is a possibility of "Receipt Receipt" on all SMS, so you are sure that the message has been delivered to the recipient
A 3-, 4- or 5-digit SMS code is included, which serves as sender name
Alternatively, the sender name may be a self-chosen text, for example, "Dentist"
The sender name of the messages controls you so that it can be changed from message to message, for example
Simple connection to SMS Gateway with a web service interface that uses SOAP via HTTPS
Mobile phones on the TDC network can even respond back to the SMS code (if you need to be able to be answered back from other operators' networks, the same code must be purchased from the respective operators)
By sending more than 500,000 SMS in the quarter, you can get a volume discount


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We continue to safeguard your personal data at TDC Group

In TDC Wholesale we are busy preparing for EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25th, 2018, so that we can continue to comply with the legislation and your expectations regarding this subject.