Business Fiber and infrastructure

Standard Business Fiber

Standard Business Fiber is a business fiber solution with speeds up to 2,5 Gbit which is available on all GPON/FTTX whitelisted addresses. The product is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

Standard Business Fiber

Standard Business Fiber is offered in addition to the agreements on Ethernet VPN and Internet Access. More detailed information is available in the agreement descriptions.

Here, you can form a general idea of which options Standard Business Fiber offers compared to the private fiber product, Fiber BSA, which likewise is offered on GPON/FTTx:

The prices for Standard Business Fiber are fixed and apply to all whitelisted addresses. The table below indicates the prices for Ethernet VPN and Internet Access distributed according to speed. The speeds are up to 1000 Mbit and with XGSPON technology, speeds up to 2500 Mbit can be offered as well.