Business Fiber and infrastructure

Advanced Business Fiber

Advanced Business Fiber is a business fiber solution with speeds up to 10Gbit. It is a flexible point-to-point product which is offered as required to almost all over the country. The product is aimed at medium-sized and large businesses.

Advanced Business Fiber

Advanced Business Fiber is offered in addition to agreements on Dedicated Fiber, Ethernet VPN and Internet Access. More detailed information is available in the agreement description.

Below is a comparison between Standard Business Fiber and Advanced Business Fiber:

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Advanced Business Fiber conform to our new price model in TDC NET which offers competitive prices on addresses where TDC NET owns the network connection. As before, prices are fixed on address level but are more reflective of TDC NET’s underlying establishment costs.

You can delve into prices, calculate offers and place orders in Pricetool which can be accessed through this link.