Over the next 5 years TDC NET will be rolling out fiber net which will be with no establishment fees across Denmark. Our fiber is ready for intelligent building management and provides access to the largest supply of content and services.

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TDC NET Fiber – Stable and fast fiber net

At TDC NET we are currently building digital infrastructure for the future by making it available for private households and businesses. The fiber roll-out is part of our mission to create the next generation of nationwide digital infrastructure in Denmark providing secure, stable and fast network to the whole country.

During our campaign we are offering households and companies fiber connection in certain areas across the country. The end-customers can connect and pick a provider of their own choosing. This offers a unique possibility for providers to sell high-speed broadband to your customers, which will be connected to TDC NET fiber free of charge.

With a fiber connection from TDC NET it is possible to obtain a download speed of up to 1000 Mbit/s which is expected to be even higher in the future. 

If you have an agreement on Raw Fiber, Fiber BSA or Broadband Basic Fiber you can gain access at TDC NET Fiber. The speeds which are available for the individual address depends on your supply as a broadband provider.

Pros with TDC NET fiber

  • Speeds up to 1000 Mbit/s
  • A futureproof network which can handle the rising use of data in society
  • The possibility to sell Fiber to more than 282.000 Home Passed with a progressive roll-out towards 1 million Homes Passed which you, as the provider, will be able to offer to Fiber Broadband.

On this page you can find more information that specifically relates to our campaigns for free fiber consultation.