Raw Fiber

Fiber used to develop business solutions or infrastructure.

Raw Fiber - Layer-1-product for your own network

Raw Fiber is a fiber-product, which gives access to sell high broadband speeds up to 1.000 Mbps. You decide if you prefer to use GPON or XGPON-technology on the Raw Fiber, as TDC NET only offers fiber and the associated services that are necessary to the structure. 

Why you should choose Raw Fiber

  • We offer a highspeed fiber connection to 1 million households during the next few years
  • You can exploit your own network and gain more control
  • The fiber terminates in a fiber KAP-plug at the end-user, in which you will be able to connect your ONT
  • The split will be transmitted in a collocation box. Rental and specifications are available in the collocation agreement 
  • The order is conducted through Columbine (HTML, XML) – so you can automize your orders

The product gives access to fiber and installation services, which are necessary to build fiber-broadband services:

  • Internet access and guaranteed high speeds
  • Qos/VoIP-services as a supplement
  • OTT (Over-The-Top-streaming) – as an example YouTube, HBO and Netflix