Fiber BSA

Gain access to TDC NET's multimedia platform via a layer 2 product, used to develop IP products such as Broadband VOIP, and TV via IP multicast.

Fiber BSA

Fiber BSA is a fiber product, which provides access to the sale of fast, guaranteed broadband speeds with up to 1,000 Mbps, where GPON is used.

  • Currently available to more than 200,000 adresses.
  • Uses Fast Ethernet - or the GPON technology during setup.
  • The product is produced on the TDC Ethernet multimedia platform/Alcatel DSLAM, which is also used with VULA/EBSA/EVPN DSL (copper DSL).
  • The fiber gets collected in DSLAM, and is called Fiber DSL or FTTH in the context of TDC NET

The product grants access to the building blocks required, for creating fiber broadband services such as:

  • Internet access - and fast, guaranteed speeds
  • QoS/VoIP services - as a supplement