Broadband Products

securedBredbånd Basic

With Bredbånd Basic (Basic Broadband) you can give your clients the best broadband on the market, customised with exactly the broadband services your clients demand.

securedBSA Coax

Bitstream Access Coax (BSA Coax) enables you to offer your clients fast broadband via TDC’s Coax network. You can build a broadband business offering your clients the special benefits provided by broadband over the Coax network – including high-speed access.

securedLocal Loop Unbundling (LLU)

LLU shares copper wire pairs with a telephone subscription, making it possible to operate broadband on a copper wire pair, which is also used for telephony.

securedEthernet BSA

Our broadband product Ethernet Bitstream Access allows you to provide your clients with the best broadband on the market via TDC's copper network, including DSLAM.

securedFiber BSA

Gain access to TDC's multimedia platform via a layer 2 product, used to develop IP products such as Broadband VOIP, and TV via IP multicast.

securedIP Connect

Data delivery via ISO layer 3.

securedRaw fiber

Fiber used to develop business solutions or infrastructure.

securedRaw copper

Design your own products with ex. ADSL, ADSL2+ og VDSL2.


Collocation of Raw copper and LLU in our 1.200 centrals.

securedVULA Contended

VULA Contended is a broadband product, through which you can offer your customers speeds of up to 150 mps, on copper pairs and DSLAM.

securedVULA Uncontended

VULA Uncontended (POI0-solution) is a Layer 2 DSL product, developed with and targeted towards Wholesale's customers - where the operator gains direct access to a DSLAM from TDC. The functionality matches that of VULA, however, it requires a substantially finer meshed backbone.

Fiber and infrastucture products

securedDedicated fiber

With Dedicated fiber you can build your own infrastructure and fulfil your client’s needs in terms of business solutions for establishing networks in housing associations and in relation to tenders for counties and municipalities in which the capacity is unlimited.

securedEthernet VPN

An Ethernet VPN fibre solution enables you to offer your customers future-proof business solutions.

securedMast Infrastructure

TDC offers the opportunity to lean on TDC's mast infrastructure through a smooth process at competitive prices for establishment projects as well as Conditions for access and ongoing rental of space.


DWDM offers your clients a dedicated connection between two customer addresses over long distances within the reach of the TDC network


Collocation of LLU and Shared LLU in our 1.200 centrals.

Mobile phone products

securedMobile solutions

We offer a wide range of services and resale products available to you as resellers, providing you with a solid foundation for running a mobile phone business.


M2M puts you in safe connection with your customers. As the leading Danish network, TDC's mobile network has an unrivaled coverage, so you can be sure to receive data from your customers' equipment, or even your own equipment, if it's spread over an area.

securedBulk SMS

SMS is one of the best and most secure ways to send short information. SMS can be received by all mobiles without having to install special programs, apps or anything else at the recipient.


As an MVNO customer at TDC, you can build a totally independent mobile phone company without mobile license with your own network structure through the use of TDC's UMTS 3G and GSM 2G networks and licenses.

securedSIP MVNO

SIP MVNO is the mobile product that makes your business, mobile. Together with your VOIP solution, you will be able to deliver advanced convergence solutions across mobile and VOIP solutions. Grab the opportunity to create new exciting integration solutions for your business customers.

Telephony products

securedResale landline

Resale landline is the product you need if you want to resell TDC Wholesales landline telephony based on the well-known PSTN and ISDN technologies.


Exchange of traffic between two operators' networks.

securedSIP Connect

For those who have their own VoIP switch, you get access to all phone customers in Denmark with a SIP Connect solution.

securedSIP Gateway

With a SIP Gateway solution and a VoIP switch, you can access networks, number series and exchange traffic with other telecommunications networks in Denmark and abroad.


With TeleConnect, you can access a modern voice service based on Voice over IP.