Published at 02-05-2019

We appreciate your feedback - View the latest Initiatives

Our latest customer satisfaction survey in November confirmed to us that you recommend us to your network. We appreciate this, as we take pride in our strong position in Northern Europe and a continuous high Net Promoter Score.

Your opinions are important to us. In view of your feedback, we have launched the following initiatives to enhance the delivery process:

New processes to minimise errors during the order flow

  • Introduction of an additional check at the initial stage of the order process to validate orders and get instant feedback to the customer Order Management Team in case of discrepancies, to ensure a quick resolution and correct order placement from start.
  • Order confirmation upon order placement: Confirms and provide details of the order and first estimates during the initial stage


Connections “Dead on arrival (DOA)”
 To lessen the disruption caused by connections DOA, we are implementing a task-force to analyse and define root cause and improvement initiatives across TDC and our suppliers. Initiatives include:

  • The establishment of a task force
  • Secure the needed ressources from involved business lines
  • Continuous analysis of DOA, to outline the issues and propose improvement initiatives


Organisational changes in the Delivery Organisation
To keep meeting your expectations, we have made significant changes in the Delivery Organisation. Key initiatives include the introduction of two separate functions, Order Entry and Service Delivery (each with a dedicated team of specialists), and the launch of an internal competency development program.

  • Order Entry team: primary focus is on the order flow, from receiving the order, until the order confirmation is sent.
  • Service Delivery team: key focus is on the order flow, from the moment the order confirmation is sent, until handover.
  • Internal competency development program: a continuous training program with a focus on processes (including supplier specifics), and the technical specifications of our entire product range.


We hope that these initiatives will benefit you in your daily business and look forward to strengthening our partnership.

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