Published at 02-05-2019

TDC Wholesale to introduce 4G Wireless Backup in Denmark 

We are pleased to announce the introduction this year, of a new 4G Wireless Backup product for International Carriers in Denmark using IP VPN or Internet Access from TDC. The popular service is already available to you in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our 4G Wireless Backup provides a mobile data connection that ensures uptime if there is an interruption to the customer’s primary access (fiber or copper) connection. The 4G Wireless Backup provides a much cheaper alternative to back-up solutions based on traditional fiber or copper connections. 
How it works
TDC 4G Wireless Backup is a secondary connection to your end-customer’s primary copper or fiber connection in Denmark (provided by TDC). With this solution, the customer receives a mobile data connection (LTE), which automatically kicks in if there is a breakdown in the customer’s primary data connection. The switch between the primary and secondary data connections occurs automatically. Data traffic on the mobile network is routed through encrypted tunnels to the client’s internet or MPLS network. The 4G LTE technology provides no guarantees for which speeds the end customer can achieve through their 4G Wireless Backup. It is therefore very important to reconcile this part with the end-customer before you offer the product.  
Who can use it? 
TDC 4G Wireless Backup is relevant for a wide range of companies, from small single address companies to large companies with several addresses in Denmark. 

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