Published at 07-11-2018

Your partner in Northern Europe

For many years it has been our pleasure to serve you in Northern Europe, and we will continue to ensure, that you get an even better coverage, lead-time, and competitive pricing.

All of that with the objective of making your business grow together with us, by focusing on your needs.

How do we do this?
Within the last two years, we have developed stronger and more focused partnerships with proven providers in our region. All of these partnerships are built around our existing Backbone network to strengthen the coverage, enabling us to serve you in every single corner of Northern Europe. You will get an even better chance to assist your client, where ever he/she wants to go and with the right solution to match.

With more than 100 years in the region, we have the extensive knowledge and know-how that you will benefit from. As a true aggregator, we support you in all details, making sure you won’t fall into pitfalls by doing everything yourself. On top of that, you will get to know what the best in the business are doing better, making sure you don’t spend unnecessary time on loop-back issues with a bad customer experience to follow.

Pricing within the wholesale business is and has always been a top priority. Together with our partners, we have a strong commitment to always secure the right solution at the best price. This is not only achieved through a focus on quoting but the entire end-to-end customer journey as too much misunderstanding and delays, add extra costs, wasting precious time and resources.

People do business with people and we believe in strong, personal relationships and continuous dialogue. In the upcoming weeks, Søren Pedersen or Hardy Geerthsen will contact your company, making sure we are aligned in our partnership and updating you on how to engage with TDC Wholesale & Partnerships in the most convenient way.

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