About TDC Wholesale

TDC is the leading Danish provider of communication solutions with market leadership in the domestic market. In all other Nordic countries, TDC is the main challenger.

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Who are we?

We are Denmark and the Nordic region's most experienced supplier of wholesale solutions in communications and data transmission.

At TDC Wholesale, you get a dedicated professional team of certified specialists who advise based on your business. It ensures you close cooperation with us based on a shared vision, goal and clear plans.

We offer you a coherent solution design that covers both IT and telecom solutions that can be scaled to your needs and future-proof. On top of this, you will receive Denmark's strongest infrastructure as the basis for the overall solution.

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Know How

OTN based backbone with the following protection options, ensuring a high uptime and providing a high level of security for you and your customer.

TDC is responsible for a significant part of the development in the Danish IT society.

We continue to invest billions in networks in Denmark.

TDC makes more than half of all telecommunications and IT investments in Denmark.

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