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Commercial & Partners is the Nordic region's most experienced supplier of communications and data transmission. We create products, assemble services and develop to meet our customers' needs.

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We connect Denmark. For everyone.

TDC NET has – with our history – a certain responsibility. Hence, we strive to create the next generation of nation-wide digital infrastructure. With reliable and lightning-fast networks we ensure that businesses, hospitals, schools and everyone else are better connected than ever. With each other. And the rest of the world.

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We send out weekly information on everything from product news, campaigns, IT development and price or agreement changes. This information is important to enter into business and dialogue with us in TDC NET.

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Focus on the customer

We have a strong desire to commercially exploit our networks, which offer open access to all networks and providers. Simultaneously, we strive to be your preferred partner, and offer you the best technologies available.

To ensure this, we will make it as simple as possible for you to interact with us – so you can benefit from a world class service.

Why Choose Us?

For more than a century, TDC NET has helped bringing Denmark closer together. We are the most experienced supplier of value-led and future-proof communication solutions. At Commercial & Partners we offer you a devoted team of professional certified specialists, who will advise you on behalf of your business.

We wish to be your preferred partner. 

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Denmark's Best Network

For many years we have connected people. But a connection is not just a connection. It should be of high quality. Therefore, at TDC NET we are constantly working to develop our strong network to be even stronger. You can read more about this on our TDC Group website.